Popularity or Money?

If you are a local television fan, you would see the very interesting and expansive advertising spot. There are dozen of celebrities including actors, actresses, TV’s MC, comedians, boxers, and an Ahyai singer appear in the TV commercial spot (TVC).

Well, when we talk about business, it just talks making profits—by whatever mean you use. That is why, the beer company uses so many stars in one spot. It might spends a lot of money, and these stars maybe earn so much money from the advertisement.

According to the economic theory, there is no free lunch in the world. It means the company has very high expectation that the spot will bring the profits back to the company too. In this case, both company and stars are in the same boat. In general, the theory of “in the same boat” has explained that we are in the same destiny, rich together, and poor together—two body, one life. It, however, may not has the same meaning what we have known. Not the same because the company is the boss and the stars are the puppet.

After the spot has been broadcasting on the media, we do not learn about exact of profit that the beer firm has earned. We have just known that the company is not bankrupt. Nevertheless, please look at the stars and the moon side, we think they have been bullied and trolled on social media. Now, we pick up a case for the moon among the stars in the spot. I called Mr Prum Manh, Ahyai singer, as the moon because I think that he is a well-educated person who the public admire his talents and knowledge. After Mr. Manh stared in the beer spot, he has been received dozen of rude words on Facebook. For example, on the Unbelievable Hot News’s page (ដំណឹងហួសចិត្ត) which posted in billboard advertised the beer by  Mr. Prum Manh was commented a lot of critics. Chea Chan Bona commented, “Ta Manh now is a very cheap person.”Kakou Zoo warned, “He faces to lose the popularity in the very next future.” Phea Phearom mocked him, “Is he a celebrity’s hero?

This is a lesson learn for other stars or moon(s). Before they decide to advertise the products, they should consider whether it will damage the culture or health of the society. If they can avoid, they should avoid. The money from this spot cannot support them long life, but the popularity can be. The popularity is very vital for every celebrity. It is not easy to gain it from the public, but it is easy to lose. Thus, if they have it in their hands, they should try to protect it.

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