A Walk To Rappler

Yesterday I was there Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and today I have been here Manila, the Philippines. Here is the place I am waiting for long time to practice what I have learnt in media management.

My seniors told me a lot about you Rappler ( MovePH project). It is surrounded by friendly and helpful people and experience and knowledge sharing plus caring culture.

My echo wants to explore and learn new things and expose to new environment. Sometimes, it is a bit challenge to do it. However, human has patient and confident to fight for the success.

As Neale Donald Walsch once said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” I think we should step forward—don’t just scare of falling or danger. The more you go further, the more amazing experience you will explore.

I understand that it’s not too easy to work abroad, especially as a foreign internee at a leading institution. But I have hope. The hope which I have in my heart after meeting with a nice receptionist and the internship program coordinator is shining as PBCom Tower.

I come here not just for internship, but for Rappler. I want to bring something new to make it more success. As an internee, Rappler’s success is my success too.

Three year in college I grow up with the media environment. I put what I have learnt to sharpen my skills. At school I did a few projects including written paper and production.

I think it’s quite relevant to what Rappler is doing. Let’s see how I can help.

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