The Newsroom

Before getting any permission to write a news report for Rappler, I have to explain why the story should be covered and be published. In short, why do I need to write it? I give claims by citing theories I have learnt from school related to how to find a news angle. I explain my team about newsworthy in my story ideas. If I do not give a clear point, ideas are just ideas in brain. I have to think in 360 degree of my story ideas before I suggest to my supervisor. Doing research to get some background and context on issues I want to cover. Rappler does not just accept any idea you proposed.

Rappler prioritizes quality. Every story needs to reach its standard line. Although, I revise my stories many times before I summit them, the team, especially my supervisor, check the stories very seriously to ensure that my stories have an impact to inspire readers to engage and take action. After checking my works, they give comments to make the stories look better. It is how constructive criticism works. I think I have improved.

Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler
Talk Thursday Live Program
It is about to live Newscast.

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