Lesson Learnt

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Don’t settle if you haven’t found  it yet, keep looking as with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it,” said  Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., consumer electronics company.

During my two months internship, I have realized that doing what we love is the best thing we can do. Being a foreign reporter working oversea is not easy if we don’t trust in ourselves. To gain trust, we have to learn by any means we can. It’s digital information era. We can learn everything as we fascinate. Most of the times before I cover any story, I do mini research about topic I want to write to understand what I am working on. I have learnt being independence.

Another lesson I take from the internship is people value on professionalism. As journalists, if we follow journalism guidelines, we will be remembered and be valued. Don’t allow dark brain (selfish) coming to your mind while you are completing your work. However, sometimes journalists have to be flexible. For example, we know about a high ranking’s corruption scandal, and we want to report it on media. Unfortunately, the official threats us that if we report it we will be murdered. If we still follow the guideline, we will loose life. How can we help our society if we are killed when reporting the scandal?

I have another importance lesson from the internship, great people bring great success. As I have observed, Rappler’s people are potential, intelligent, charismatic, professional, hardworking and young. From board members to director of Rappler’s divisions to staffs, they have great educational background. They graduated from top universities, and they have powerful working experience with giant media agencies on the earth and in the Philippines. When staying in Rappler’s office, it seems everybody is so silent since they don’t talk to each other much. But silent doesn’t mean they are unfriendly or selfish. Actually, they are concentrating on their individual works to make sure their works or products become an icon to worth spread and inspire the nation. Look how Rappler has grown from the past two years.

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