How Social Media Shake New Global Politics

Look how the social media changes Middle East’s political situation after an event so-called “Arab Spring” in early 2011. The phenomenon has shown the world what is possible when there is a combination between social unrest with brave citizenry and powerful digital tools.

The use of “#Euromaidan”, which combines the word for square with the group’s pro-European sentiment, was trended on social media up to 21,000 times in 24 hours during the protest last year at Independent Square, Ukraine to overthrow the government. Euromaidan shows the maturation of social media as a tool for increasing political engagement and for carrying out effective political organizing. Social media changes its role from the previous which focuses on giving entertainment to young users.

In the wake of Ukraine’s protest, the Kremlin’s social media takeover, building on coverage of a deal intended to increase state control over VK, a Facebook of Russia, founded by Russian graduates. Later, the founder sold controlling share to businessman friendly to Kremlin. The media portrayed it as an effectiveness allowing to Kremlin’s strongman Putin to purchase the content.

The phenomenon should be studied in deep how the social media shapes new global politics.

This study paper will look at some perspectives which focus on the rise of social media or so-called social media revolution and the changes of international relations. The paper will feature how technology innovation can change the new approaches to global politics. In short, the study will portray the power of social media in the eyes of politicians.

As the social media boosting in some places which are limited freedom of expression, its users considers the new media is a tool to speak out.

To figure how social media shapes new global politics, the paper will pick the case study of Ukraine crisis on.

Social Media Revolution

In the 1960s, communications theorist Marshall McLuhan introduced the idea of “global village”. Today’s social media has made the world as one village. Thomas L. Friedman,twenty-first century essayist, claimed personal computers (PC) and Internet connection has marked the modern revolution by transferring information without the limitation and space throughout the globe.

Social media’s quick development into an important way to influence society is part of The advancement of information and communication technologies is pushing the development of social media as a tool to influence international relations. The rise of mobile technology with well-equipped smartphone as pocket-sized mega-studio has been important for creation and use of social media.

The social media changes and shape people perspective toward the global politics. The users can express their idea and story about political views to their global community by posting on their social media channel.

What is ‘Social Media’?

Social media are new information network and information technology using a form of communication utilizing interactive and user-produced content, and interpersonal relationships are created and maintained. Typical social media network services could be content sharing, web communities, and Internet forums.

From Innovation to Revolution: a Case of Ukraine Crisis

Greg Satell, co-CEO of KP Media, a media company in Ukraine, said, “Social media certainly adds crucial new elements and I think recent event in Ukraine should dispel any doubts that it makes an important difference.”

When president Yanukovych backed out of a trade deal with the European Union— one that he had previously promised to pursue and sign—the same process went into play. The Internet exploded and the streets filled with protests. Yet this time, the matter cannot be settled by firing a prosecutor and throwing a few miscreants in prison.

In the past, media provides a filter. If something was on front page, it is considered important. Yet today, anyone can report and broadcast. Nobody needs to ask for permission, even in a corrupt, authoritarian country. That’s why social media is playing an increasing role in shaping events a small group of passionate people can influence others that are slightly more reticent, still others take noticed and join in.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Where social media have become implicated in high profile political events in the last few years, the media play important role to shake new global politics. It is beyond just an entertainment tool for young voters. Plus, it gives a space for those who eager to express and change political status quo. Global political leaders and diplomats would understand how the flow of new media goes to social change and revolution as the case of Ukraine.

For the future study, it would be great if writers portrait on how social media changes politicians’ perception during the election campaign since it helps people understand clearly about the new approaches to global politics.


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NOTE: This is the assignment paper I submit for Global Politics Seasonal School.

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