Fast and Furious Friends

My tear just drop down when I heard “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth from Furious 7, a movie franchise. This song is made in the memory of a talented and lovely actor Paul Walker after he died in 2013.

While listening to this music, I reflect my life throughout recent years in university life. I have met and made tens of friends both in class and outside, some via social media. As saying says we have a lot of friends, but there is some closed friends, and a few best friends. That is true. You know what? I have a fish of closed friends who I have shared crazy moments with. Sometimes, we laugh without any reason, and sometimes, we argue, we bully each other. But, we still are good buddies.

Since I now are in final year of four-year-bachelor-degree, I do not have much time to spend with them. Many reasons are behind. First, I am busy with my research thesis project which makes me feel stress and depress. Another, I do not feel well. I suffer stomach-related illness, typhoid fever.

I do not want to talk with them. I try to separate myself alone. Maybe, this is a reason. I am not feel confident and comfort to talk when I am bullied by them. I know they just want to be happy and they think we are closed enough to do that to each other. But I feel ashamed after being their toy.

Thus after finishing class, I go home straight without spending any second with them. I try to ignore them. That is sad. 😦

Is it because I think too much of their words and actions they did to me?

“See You Again” makes me cry. O:) Oh my goddess! I feel losing my soul. 😦 Without those buddies I feel like I live on an island.

Actually, my buddies have not realized why I do not want to be with them. Just a word I want them to hear is I really like them, but I am not feeling good to be with them. I do hope someday they will hear reasons behind.

It has been a long day without you my friends. And I will tell you all about my feeling and stories that I try to be alone those days when I see you again. Yeah, we have come a long way from where we began.I will tell you everything when I see you again.

Hear the sound of music, “See You Again” on YouTube.


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