He Comes Out

It is a summer day. I get a text message from a closed friend of mine. I do not surprise at all since I have noticed this long times. Although he is gay, he is still my friend, and I have to support him. A good friend is on your side no matter how the situation is it. I agree with that.

I asked his permission to share this story with you. Please throw some comments and feedback if you have. Do not be hesitate to do so.  Come on, we are also good friends. Here it is.

Hey, dude! I have something to tell you. You are the first person I tell about this. You know what? I love guy. I have realized it since I was grade 3. My neighbors bullied and played around with my gender. I have tried to act as a real man for many years. But, I just can’t hide it anymore. My feeling is gay. I love man. When I see sexy or hot man, I fall in love with him. I think I am a girl. But, I don’t like girl. I have so many male crushes. I feel so warm and happy when I see him. I have fallen in love with a man. Sorry mate, I can’t tell you now. Now I have one boy in my heart. By the way, my family haven’t realized about it yet. But they might notice it. I think I was born with gay characteristics and heart. I’m so scared to come out. But I really want to. To do so, I just share my story with you. Thanks for your listening. ♥♥♥♥♥

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