Escape City, Enjoy Country

I have not visited my hometown Kampong Cham Province quite long enough, over six months. 😦 It is located in the east of Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. It takes three hours long by bus from the city.

Hmmm, I do miss there so much 😦 . But I could not make a visit because of my thesis graduation project. I miss my home environment and surrounding and especially my people there.

Mid April is known as the hottest month of the year, yet it is the happiest time for Cambodians to celebrate our Khmer New Year.

My school has been closed for a week for a small break vacation. I take this advantage to see my home. It is a good and right time to go back there after a very long staying away.

I booked a bus ticket. It was so crowded at the bus counter. You know what, the ticket has been increased double price during big days like Khmer New Year. And it is not new. Every year, the transportation companies double the price for its own benefit while most of their costumers are students and workers who cannot afford for the ticket.

By the way, I get the ticket. Spending  several hours in the bus is not fun at all. The air con does not work well. Imagine, how do you feel it when it is sweating season.

Finally, I am arriving home, YAY! I see my mom and siblings’ faces. They look so happy, so do I 🙂 . After talking to them, I take some times to tour around my village, and capture some shots. And here they are, HAHA.






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