Facebook and Sense of Belonging

I have conducted a research thesis for my graduation project to complete Bachelor of Art in Media Management. My research topic is “The contribution of Facebook in the expressing sense of belonging among Cambodian students studying abroad”.

Here is the abstract of my research.

Without communication to express their sense of connection and attachment, oversea students with strong sense of belonging to their home have psychological distress such as homesickness, loneliness, and depression while they are far apart from home. Facebook has offered to human for entertainment, communication, relationship maintenance, self-expression, and professional use. This research investigated the contribution of Facebook to facilitate Cambodian university students studying abroad to express their sense of belonging. In this study, the researcher collected Facebook posts of thirty Cambodian students studying in Thailand, China, and United States. By employing qualitative thematic analysis approach, the study indicates that Cambodian oversea students use Facebook to express sense of belonging to friends, family, and nation. Students who express sense of belonging on Facebook tend to have strong mental health and psychological well-being.


Stay tuned for the paper!


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