6 Secrets Behind Brown’s Success

When you want a cup of cappuccino to wake you up and stay energetic, you properly think of Starbuck Coffee. But it is not all the case. Coffee lovers here in Phnom Penh, for example, would leave home for Brown Coffee when their ego for coffee comes. Brown’s first outlet opened door to welcome city people in the kingdom in 2009. It has been keeping growing up. Now Brown has expended its seventh outlet. It is a pretty success.

Even international famous cafes such as UK-based Costa Coffee and US-based The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has entered Cambodia’s coffee market, Brown still stays healthy and stronger.

So what are the key strategies that bring success to Brown?

This Friday evening I joined a talk at Impact Hub Phnom Penh hosted by a Cambodian 29-year-old coffeepreneur Chang Bunleang. He shared what make Brown is Brown today.

There are six secrets behind Brown’s success: first mover, unique interior design, production and services, customers, new innovations, and value chain.

According to Bunleang, Brown has brought a new culture of drinking coffee to Cambodians. While most of Cambodian coffee drinkers would go to coffee shops equipped with a big TV, mostly plays Chinese movie and music video, Brown does in a very different way inspired by Western style.

It is also noticed that one of Brown’s four co-founders has interior design talent. Every Brown’s outlets were designed  in their own unique style. Bunleang said, “Each outlet creates different mood and feeling according to design concepts.”

To ensure that every customers brings smile and happiness back home, Brown has worked carefully on every product and service. Brown commits to give the best coffee taste with super hygiene to customers. And Brown understands that customers do not want only a good product, but a friendly and warm service.

This is why Brown values their customers as king. They try to learn about customers’ needs. Brown treats every customer equal whether you are a businessperson or a student, an ordinary or a high class, a civil or a public figure. “When customers are happy, our sale also increases,” said the coffeepreneur.

Brown does not sail the sailor. They keep innovate new products and improve the products’ quality. They train their people from the top level to the grass root–not only the barista but the security guards also.

Last but absolutely not least, value chain plays a crucial role in Brown’s success. Bunleang explained that Brown has to make sure all stakeholders–suppliers and contractors– have a clear communication. Brown uses ingredients from local markets and local farms. To ensure that the production chain works smoothly, Brown maintains the energy and machinery supply, IT system, even air-con and fridges. Bunleang told that the central production unit–roastery, bakery, kitchen– has to be equipped with high quality equipment.

These are the the main steps Brown takes to success. Hope this article benefits your time. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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