Place Relationship

Four years of my life was spent here. I still remember my first day I stepped on the land of Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP). That is the time of my first visit at Department of Media and Communication to see how the place looks like before I do the entrance exam. I still remember how excited I am when I meet my senior Leng Len who toured me around the Department and the whole RUPP campus. I really appreciate her kindness so much.

The place is where my future brights and shines as a diamond in the sky. You may say that Sel you are exaggerating thing. Yes I accept that. But the truth is this place really changes my life. It is a dream comes true.

It is like yesterday. Four years already. Oh my…. That is why people say time flies. And even it flies faster when you want it to stay still. Time well spent with my all people who come to my life. We live, laugh, challenge, and argue each other inside and outside of the classroom.

How we forget this place when it has become a part of our life? It is hard, you know! Not all the time we create good memories. But bittersweet is the best mixture taste of life. Sometimes you fall in love with a place because it gives you a sweet-dream. But sometimes it gives embarrassment. So you want to break up the relationship? Ohhh no. People always good things come to their life, of course so do I. Sadly, we cannot control all the things. But we can control our mind. I always talk to myself that what I did today is what I am tomorrow. So do not put all blames to people around you when thing goes wrong. First, you should do a reflection what have you done?

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