Saying NO

I think taking some time to look back and reflect is never too late. It gives me lessons that I should learn from past mistakes and achievements.

I am too serious with everything. I think too much from little to giant stuffs. I think because I don’t want regret. I still regret because I am a human. But at least, I could reduce the level of regret to minimum.

One thing that has been living with me a quarter of a century is reflecting what I have just done. I sometimes say YES to the thing I shouldn’t do, the thing that conflicts my interest. After I accept the request, I reflect, “Is it right that I follow one’s request?” NO! I blame myself why I did so. Then, I try to find ways to say NO. I mean how I say NO in diplomatic way. I punish myself by forcing myself to remember the scenario of accepting the request. I have to remember that next time if it happens again I have to response with NO in gentle way.

I note that throughout these couple years I manage control myself  say NO to some situations.

Have you faced difficulty saying NO?

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