Dear Cambodia,

Cambodia’s economic has grown steadily around 7 per cent over the past five years and next three years.

With over 15 million people, Cambodia still faces about 12 per cent of poverty rate.

Textiles and garments sector makes a decisive contribution to economic development. The industry contributes over 70 per cent of total exports and it creates more than 620.000 jobs. Most of the workers come from rural areas.

However, workers have to join protest to demand for their rights and reasonable minimum wages. Labor disputes happen.

I think miscommunication and misunderstanding are the main contributors to the dispute.

I have produced dozens of news reports about the dispute. I could understand there should be new mechanisms and ideas to solve the same old problem.

I am a journalist. It is vital for me to keep learning new innovations and ideas to make my stories more insight so that the stories could give more potential impacts and positive changes to build Cambodia stronger.

To be stronger, Cambodia should have good labor rights atmosphere. When the garment workers are respected, they are able to contribute more in reducing poverty gap. Rural development in Cambodia will be effective.

What is your plan for better Cambodia?



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