Human, Time, Technology

It’s over twenty years that I have witnessed things going around on this planet Earth. Countless things. Changes. Beautiful, awful. Happy, sad. Life is it. Through books I have read, films I have seen, and music I have listened to, I went back to time, like thousands of years. I’m really amazed by the history that human has created on this blue planet.

However, those years back seem a fiction and drama series that I could see the opening and ending.

I’m really interested in one century back. My great grandma time. I love talking to those oldies recalling their time. Recently I met a seventy-year-old woman. I ask her how her youth went by. She talked about war-war-war. She enjoyed her life flying on helicopters from places to places with her army relatives. She told me how army lived on the go, how she lost her family members, forever.

Flashback to fifteen years ago, people were so bound together as close communities. My village. Almost everyone in a village knows each other. They exchanged food. It’s beautiful back then. Even though accessing to telecommunication or traveling from village to city was luxury, we were so close. Missing it now.

The past five years when I was exploring technology and smart life has been a great change for me, if not the world. I have very limited knowledge on technology development. It grows so fast. Social media, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Shazam are life-changing.

I have always reminded myself to update and follow up cool things so I could have a sense of relevant when human talk about these things. I’m really interested in witnessing how far human intelligence could go to make human a real tevada.

My left-over time on Earth is very fascinating. The world is moving so quick, faster than the Falcon Heavy. Talking about this topic, Lucy is always on my mind. The film is just eye-opening.

When I traveled to villages, I walked back to decades past by. Things seem moving so slow-slow-slow. Life is so difference. Facebook maybe the most up-to-date technology they could access to.

This is where I see inequality. Technology should bring human closer and inclusive society. At the end, technology is just a machine under human supervision. It’s on human or a group of ruling elites who could make society more inclusive and open. It’s on their will and commitment to make human enjoy similar advanced life.

I’m happy to keep my eyes on them and human to see the progress.

Photo: Painting by Alessandro Michele for Gucci Hallucination




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