I, myself, don’t even know what the term ‘artistora’ mean. It came out of my mind during my boredom time when I put pen on paper. That time I was thinking about nothing. One thing I know about the term is it’s about art and artist.

How do we human live without art? In any form. What does make us human unique from other groups of animals on this planet? Is it art?

Why do we express feelings in many forms? Not just facial expression. But in words, acting, painting, dancing, on and on. Why are we so happy when we see dogs, cats, elephants could dance or draw or wear clothes? Aren’t human that’s something special?

Why are many forms of cooking rice? Why are there roasted and fried fish? Why don’t human just put fresh fish into their mouth and chew?

Aren’t human creative?

What would the world look like without art? No words. No photograph. No Architecture.

Image: Why Make Art?


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