News Correspondent with Radio Free Asia

During placement with Radio Free Asia from October 2015 to September 2017, I covered  politic, economy and human rights.

Here are some of my works.

Sel with Dr Surin in Malaysia


  • My video report on garment industry, the most important machine for Cambodia’s economy which employed more than 800,000 workers, mostly  women, is a special report looked into how the those workers were treated by their employers and government.


  • I hosted a call-in show which was discussed about the new adopted government policy on interest cap for micro-finance institutions. The micro-finance sector in Cambodia has performed pretty well. However, the PM Hun Sen decided, months before local election in 2017, to put interest cap. The observers said this is a populist policy to gain supports for the election.


  • This is my exclusive interview with the last editor-in-chief of The Cambodia Daily, an English-language independent media. We discussed the future of the paper and the future of the press freedom in the Kingdom. It was conducted one day before the paper shut down its operation after 24-year presence in Cambodia. Read more on the topic here:


  • Here I hosted a 30-minute TV news program.



  • Minority rights is human rights. This report was produced to raise the voices of LGBTQ+ community ahead of the June 2017 election.




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