Phnom Penh Post

At Phnom Penh Post, I focus on youth-related issues from education to employment.

Here is a snap of what I have helped LIFT magazine of Phnom Penh Post.

  • A Troubling taboo: sex-ed in Cambodia

    Sex education among Cambodian youth is still limited. Tradition has it that sex education is erotic and goes against national traditions.

    The effects are devastating because young people have sex anyway. According to a World Bank survey condom use among young men dropped by 4.4 per cent between the years 2005 and 2010 in Cambodia leaving only 26.40 per cent of all young men having protected sex.

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  • Interview with Ou Virak, President of Cambodian Center for Human Rights

    Virak is the president of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights and the founder of the Alliance for Freedom of Expression in Cambodia. He is a well-known as a human rights activist in Cambodia, winning the Reebok Human Rights Award in 2007. He spoke to LIFT about the human rights situation in the country:

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  • Heng Krishna: Youth voices can make positive change

    Heng Krishna, 27, is studying political science at People’s Friendship University of Russia in Moscow, but he has not yet told his parents. He said that he told his mother that he is studying law, because she would not let him study politics.

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  • To get a BA, you must overcome all challenges

    Pov Sovann is a young woman who is determined not to let poverty prevent her from getting an education.

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  • Sakona talks about working in Thailand

    Dong Sakona, 20, works at a rubber plantation in Thailand, where he spends his days freezing the rubber in bunches. He arrived there three months ago through a worker agency because poverty forced him to move from his home to support his family. He hoped that he could earn enough money to build a house and increase his standard of living.

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  • My roaring life in France

    After receiving his bachelor’s degree at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE), Krautch Sochara, 23, was selected by RULE’s French department to study in France on the Eiffel Scholarship.

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  • Meas Sithorn: Divorce lawyer

    Having worked as a lawyer for nearly two years now Sithorn picked a specialisation many Cambodians may yet be unfamiliar with: 70 to 80 per cent of all cases Sithorn deals with are related to divorce. Can a divorce lawyer who sees so much unhappiness in a marriage still advise to marry at all?

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